Nagarjuna as Bhai

nagarjuna-bhaimovieKing NAGARJUNA is all set to change his name as BHAI, his upcoming flicker titled as BHAI is ready for the take on 4th of this month, VEERABHADRAM CHOWDARY known for his comedy entertainers POOLA RANGADU and AHANA PELLANTA is the director of the film the crew is all set to spend more time in BANKOK for the shoot.

The director has added his regular comedy flavor and filled the story with some mafia action; altogether he planned the script with regular NAGARJUNA kind of genre, it is also said that the film resembles his once upon a time movie HELL BROTHER may be with some bright changes, NAG himself is the producer and DEVI SRI PRASAD is playing the sound.

RICHA GANGOPADHYAY is the heroine, and SONU SOODH is selected for his as usual regular role, NAGARJUNA is about to launch exclusive mafia hair styles and costume designs for this film. His recent film DAMARUKAM has created some disappointment to the KING, it is heard that he is anxious to grab more than success this time.

But is this 53year old DON setting the right path for his fans? Don, KING, BHAI, KEDI, look at the titles! And the roles which he played in such films may influence his followers, the viewers mind set may turn reverse and they already started to feel that being a KEDI or DON is better than to live like decent human. May be the target of the hero in the film was for a good cause but is it a right procedure? Hope u make some better films for a good society NAG!


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