Samantha and Siddarth in love ?


Well it is a open fact that Samantha is in love, she herself declared that she is in love but never admitted about the stealer of her heart, but the truth cannot be hidden for much longer, the story is almost out and the actor SIDDHARTH was caught in her association.

SIDDHARTH and SAM are busy promoting their upcoming romantic entertainer JABARDASTH, so are they implementing the BOLYWOOD trick of promotion? Generally the Bollywood makers create the anxiety for their movies by promoting fake affairs among the actors, SO SIDDHARTH? Well this might not be the promotion trick because SAMANTHA reviled the fact about her affair a long time before JABARDASTH had started.

So the couple was found in some more than close kind of poses and it is also heard that they spent some holidays in America, and recently Samantha admitted that Siddhartha is a unique guy he got lots of knowledge apart from movies etc., she also admitted that they are very close friends, of course we have heard the same dialogue from many beginners right?

And by the way are you aware of the fact that SIDHARTH was married once and he had a divorce? Ok let’s not dig out the past, now Siddarth and Samantha seems like a beautiful pair let’s wait up for the official announcement before we wish them. STAY UPDATED!

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