Mahesh shares personal life

maheshbabu-sudhirMahesh Babu controls the top most bad boys in his feature films, but in his real life he fails exactly, these are the words said by Mahesh himself in a recent media meet “I find doing daring stunts much easier than making Gautham do his home work. I can’t handle him, so my wife takes it off” this is the issue happening with Mahesh nowadays.

Mahesh Babu has a daughter and a son which is a well know news, and Gautham is heard to a bit weak in studies but super active in sports and other activities, Mahesh who is really fond of his kids spends at least ten days with them after his each single schedule, and the star has also expressed some info about Gauthams debut in movies, he said that the director Sukumar is the only reason for Gauthams entry,
Sukumar felt that Guatham is exactly apt for a small role in their movie. And Mahesh is really excited to watch their combination on big screen.

Mahesh’s younger daughter sithara is the lucky star for him and he is really fond of her, he likes watching her cute baby acts which relieves him out from stress, this is the latest family updates of the prince, stay up to get more film updates only here!

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