Look who’s locking horns with Mega power star

Karthi locks horns with Charan

Why would somebody want to axe his own feet? New or young heroes of Tollywood would normally not take the risk of opening their respective films along with the release of megastars of the industry because it is purely common sense and every tom, dick and harry knows the catastrophe such a deed would lead to.

Nevertheless, Karthi is taking on Mega power Ram Charan; the actor is all set to release his film Biryani on September 6th, which “coincides” with the release of Cherry’s much-hyped bilingual Zanjeer/Toofan. What shall we call this, daring or foolish act? Whatever you want to term it as, Karthi is indeed taking leap into wide chasm and has no idea as to where he would land.

As for Cherry’s film, there is no IQ required to say that majority of the audience will head to watch him on a first day, first show and even if they don’t get tickets for the Hindi version they would still want to watch the Telugu one. So, any takers for Biryani? Poor Karthi might have to eat it all by himself, else the wise choice would be to either pre-pone of postpone his Biryani treat, what say dude?

One Response to Look who’s locking horns with Mega power star

  1. Bapi Raju P
    July 23, 2013 at 9:29 am

    same thing happened for Me(u)ga star chiru and Pedarayudu long back.
    everyone told the same thing…. no one wants to go to movie without stuff.

    If Biryani is good.. it need not compared with janzeer/Tufan. It will make its own business.

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