Battle between Pawanism and Princism

Battle between pawanism and princismMahesh Babu’s Birthday gift has been received by his fans as soon as they woke up today morning. Barely 12 hours now and the movie has 6k plus likes which is just an incredible feat.

While fans hoped to listen to their star’s dialogue or see his six pack body were disappointed, nonetheless the teaser was breathtakingly done and the background score makes us believes it’s a Hollywood movie. There are about 4000 comments praising and hailing Princism.

Strangely there seems to be a hot debate across section of youtubers who are fans of Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan. They are daring who’s the winner when it comes to Youtube Hits and Likes for the trailers (Attarintiki Daredi and 1-Nenokkadine) of their upcoming movies, respectively.

The first teaser of 1 was viewed in lakhs and it was thought of to be a record, which was beaten by Pawan’s AD movie teaser. Now with the 2nd teaser of 1 movie coming out the fans of respective heroes are betting on Pawanism and Princism. With Youtube not updating the views count regularly the suspense of how many views for the 1 teaser in 12 hours time has become a suspense as of now.

Whosoever wins this teaser youtube views battle, this competition will do good in one department, quality output. With both the heroes being quality conscious we are blessed to see good movies made in Tollywood. So hail both Pawanism and Princism.

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